Cake Samples, Great Experience or Total Rip Off

With an upcoming event, in this case a wedding, you want the perfect details. Part of this is getting the perfect cake. For my partner and I, we knew very early on the cake we wanted design wise. Something simple and elegant, nothing cheesy or tacky. Just because we love Harry Potter doesn't mean we wanted a themed cake for that, same for other things we liked. Didn't want to run the risk of it looking more like a birthday cake.

We are going for a three tier autumnal themed cake. No more shall be said on that to keep it a surprise for out guests. Once establishing our theme, it was then down to the flavours. The bottom tier was easy and we elected for something traditional and diabetic friendly as I have family members who suffer from this. After that we were at a loss.

Gray and I had an idea of what we may want, but nothing concrete. We didn't want anything to out there that guests wouldn't want to try. We knew immediately that any kind of chocolate cake was out, firstly because I dislike it and just thinking about the mess was too much. Plus it doesn't feel like a wedding cake flavour to us, to some it might do. No judgement. Naturally we turned to the abundance of cake samples available online from bakers. Due to Covid, you pay online and they get posted out to you.

This costs way too much money! Yes, they take the payment off your final cake if you elect to go for their services, but if you don't it is a huge waste. From anywhere between £15 to £30 a go, for small pieces barely big enough for two people to try and get a full idea of what they taste like. It is a RIP OFF! One of the questions I asked myself during this process, is would I get this amount if I went in for a consultation?

Granted the quality of a lot of the cake was amazing and we discovered our perfect flavours for our wedding cake. But the sheer size is shocking. Certainly not worth the value. Hint or tip for those wanting to try cake flavours, see if you can order the cake flavours you want to try as general cakes, some of them actually work out a lot cheaper.

Though we enjoyed trying the cakes and scoring them, trying to work out how they built up the flavours, it was a huge expense that just feels needless, it could be done for a lot less money. However, it was a great bonding experience with the household, in some parts funny. Big tip, never get Turkish Delight flavoured cake, there will never be a worse cake.

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