That Perfect Dress

Falling in love and picking a perfect wedding was something I never fully understood until yesterday. It was one of those things where I would watch the programs and listen to the brides, but couldn't quite fully understand how you could be in love with one dress to the point where nothing else compares.

Getting married myself, I started to look around at dresses, find my style, what I did, or didn't want. I never planned on actually getting a dress for another year! However, yesterday I went browsing some dresses, tried some on to get a sense of how I'd look when I found it. A one of a kind princess ballgown dress, with a full train, blush-colored, double lace and sequins, sweetheart neckline, the lot. To me, it was an impossible dress. It had absolutely everything I wanted, something I thought couldn't all be in one dress.

From that point on no other dress looked right or fitted right, they were nothing compared to that one dress. It was all I could think about. One of a kind... literally. The perfect designer boutique dress! So I took the plunge and bought it there and then. Even after buying, bringing it home (waiting until much nearer my wedding for the alterations) I couldn't stop thinking about it, dying to put it back on again, checking it was still real. Even sleeping, it kept popping up in my dreams.

I'd never imagined myself in such a dress, I always thought of plain, off the hanger cheap dress because it was related to self-worth. The dress showed me how much I have grown and developed over the last few years. How strong I have become. I'm no longer the girl that settles, gets pushed around by friends or others. The choices I have made were the right ones for me, finally! I am now a strong businesswoman, with an incredible family and partner who is perfect for me.

I know I have the right dress and nothing else would have compared to that. I believe in love at first sight... with a wedding dress now. My advice, if you don't feel this way about a dress, it just might not be your dress and don't settle, because it is out there. Don't ever settle!

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